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Spring Fever-Contest

Wonderful entries in our "Spring-Fever"- Contest

Wonderful art with my stock

Wonderful gifts from wonderful friends

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From my wonderful friends. Thank you so much


Mar 5, 2015
5:28 pm
Mar 5, 2015
3:27 pm
Mar 5, 2015
2:42 pm
Mar 5, 2015
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Mar 5, 2015
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:-) Love Llamas

:iconredsparklesplz: :iconmyheartplz: :iconspreadmoreloveplz: :icondancekittyplz: :iconbeauroseplz: :iconburningheartplz: :iconcocoheartplz: :iconsquidyayplz: :iconsparklyroseplz: :iconnemoteplz: :iconteamoplz: :iconsparklesmileplz: :iconbouquetplz: :iconredsparklesplz:
:iconredsparklesplz:i eat stamps stamp by Kaizo-Konpaku:iconredsparklesplz: Llama Badge stamp by izka197:iconredsparklesplz:

:iconfeelingfreeplz::iconllamatruckplz:LLAMA 4 LLAMA by puddingcup303 Tiny feet by FunnyAccount

Coffee Stamp by Icy-Dew


Contest which I support

Blood, Pain and Transformation2014-15-Has ended!**Has ended on: Sunday, February 15th @ 11:58 pm-Central Time (Mexico,City)
*Soon we will announce the winners*

On February 2015, Lilith's Realm will be celebrating its 5th anniversary, we have been one of the most solid and active groups at DeviantArt, the road hasn't been easy, we aren't one of those groups that accept 'everything and all',we are a consolidated and tough group with superb staff and with excellent artists as members.
As a way of celebrating our 5th anniversary,we proudly announce our new contest: Blood, Pain and Transformation 2014-15, starting today December 8th,2014 and ending on February 15th,2015, so there will be plenty time for participating at our contest.
Rules for participating at Blood, Pain and Transformation 2014-15: starting today December 15th,2014 and ending on February 15th,2015.
The contest will focus especially in Lilith but also it will be about female vampires: themes like Fledging, bl
hosted by :iconliliths-realm:

Supreme Regents of the Universe: Titans - Contest New contest for members
Theme: Titans

Who were the Titans?
Frequently called elder gods, they have been for many ages the supreme regents of the universe, with a huge size and being incredibly strong. The Titans (male) and Titaness  (female) are figures of Greek Mythology. According to Greek myth, the Titans formed one race of powerful gods who ruled during the Golden Age. According to Greek mythology, the Titans were sons of Uranus (deity who personified the sky) and Gaia (Earth goddess).
Names of the Titans
Coeus:  Titan of intelligence.Oceanus: Represented the river that surrounds the world.
Crius: Titan of herds, the cold and winter.Hyperion: Titan of Vision  and astral fire.Iapetus: Brother of Cronus, "punch" god-Titans of time and human life and mortality and is also associated with craftsmanship.Cronus: Was king of
hosted by :iconthe-imaginarium:

Elemental Magic Contest - PLEASE READ THE RULES It's Contest Time Digital-Wings-Art Members!
:star: PRIZES UPDATED! :star:

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue: We're looking for magical artworks that display a natural element :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:[Bullet; Green] You may focus on one or more naturally occurring elements [Bullet; Green][Bullet; Green][Bullet; Green]
[Bullet; Yellow][Bullet; Yellow][Bullet; Yellow] Artworks may be of light or dark magic [Bullet; Yellow][Bullet; Yellow][Bullet; Yellow]

[Bullet; Red] Examples: [Bullet; Red]
an angel who conjures thunderstorms
or a fairy who summons trees to grow
or a demon who controls fire

• Rules •
hosted by :icondigital-wings-art:


I´m affiliate to :iconmanipulatethis:


Please check also this wonderful stockartist-galleries:

:iconsophie-y: :iconmysticmorning: :iconfrostbo: :iconpranile: :iconmoonchild-ljilja: :iconaustriaangloalliance: :iconmomotte2stocks: :iconjust-a-little-knotty::iconcd-stock: :iconevelivesey: :iconthalija-stock: :iconelandria: :iconmalleni-stock: :iconmimose-stock: :iconcelairen-stock: :iconlormet-images: :iconhermitcrabstock: :iconposerfan-stock: :iconwintersmagicstock: :iconrockstocks: :iconwesley-souza: :iconkingabritschgi::iconmercurycode: :iconmortuusdiabolus:


DDs suggested by me

Gypsy Vardo/Caravan by OghamMoon Lormet-Cultural-Dancer-0294sml by Lormet-Images 087 by nudagimo Muffin Rock by Whimseystock Enfield Market Cross stock image by NickiStock


Locations of Site Visitors

Spring Fever- Contest

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 1, 2015, 1:31 AM

"A little bird, he told me so, he said come on, get on the go
Open your eyes the sky is full of butterflies
The blossoms on the trees stir up the honey bees
Spring makes my fever right spring fever

Spring fever, Spring is here at last
Spring fever, my heart's beating fast
there is no doubt now love is in the air get up get out spring is everywhere

Well if you feel the wanderlust, just grab a car or hop a bus in every town around there´s excitment to be found
don´t miss the joy of spring the worlds in love around

Spring fever comes to everyone
Spring fever, it's time for fun
Get up, get out spring is everywhere"
E. Presley

Shamrock Divider by GasaraShamrock Divider by GasaraShamrock Divider by GasaraShamrock Divider by Gasara

Love by Digithalie THEME Love by Digithalie

"Spring Fever"

Please read the song above and surprise us with your imagination , we love surreal ideas and fantasy and creativity. What are you thinking on, when spring come, what are people doing in spring, love is in the air, everything will grow and be new , people are moving and visiting places, sun is shining and everyone is in good mood :D

Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

Butterfly by renekotte  RULES Butterfly by renekotte


You are given 24 Stocks below, each of us give 8 stocks.

Your work has to include min. 1 of each of us.

From stockpacks you are allowed to take only one.

You are free to use more than one stock from each of us.

The size must so, that we can see it without a loupe and we reserve the right to decline the entry, if we can´t see our stocks.


Your artwork (photomanipulation or mixed media) must be new and created for this contest.


Your artist comment has to include a statement,

that this is a entry for the "Spring Fever Contest" hold by :iconybsilon-stock: :iconcd-stock: :iconevelivesey:

and a link to this journal.

You can entry as much as you like, but you can win only once.

We have only one category, so we want to see creativity.


Credit all stocks you used with a direct link

Always read terms and conditions on how you may use the stock, credit & notify the stock providers.

Don't forget that dA requires you to credit all stock and resources you use in your work.

I Support Copyrights Stamp by jo-shadow Google Is Not Stock Stamp by Aazari-Resources I :+fav: what I use by rinoatimber

:stillwaiting: by SpringlessClock Time  :stillwaiting: by SpringlessClock

Start Date : March 01, 2015

End Date   : April 11, 2015  

spring by soul-of-Pai




The Dancers by YBsilon-Stock Gate with crowns, flowers and dragons by YBsilon-Stock Dancing Lovers by YBsilon-Stock
The Lovers by YBsilon-Stock Youngling with pipe by YBsilon-Stock 

Vespa by YBsilon-Stock
Trees with blossoms in pink and white by YBsilon-Stock Branches with pink blossoms by YBsilon-Stock

Leaf divider (left) by CherushiMetsumariLeaf divider (right) by CherushiMetsumari


 Secret Garden Duo by EveLivesey Spring Flowers by EveLivesey
Yellow Flower Hills by EveLivesey Face Mountain by EveLivesey Castle and Gardens by EveLivesey Scottish Loch by EveLivesey Cottonwool Clouds by EveLivesey
Mountain Panorama by EveLivesey

Leaf divider (left) by CherushiMetsumariLeaf divider (right) by CherushiMetsumari

Heart by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK Stairs 01 by CD-STOCK Spring Forest by CD-STOCK 
 Daisies Photographic Textures by CD-STOCK
Metallic Doves by CD-STOCK Spring Background 06 by CD-STOCK
Heart Stock by CD-STOCK Beautiful Day by CD-STOCK

Leaf divider (left) by CherushiMetsumariLeaf divider (left) by CherushiMetsumariLeaf divider (right) by CherushiMetsumariLeaf divider (right) by CherushiMetsumari

love birds by Chibivillecute Prizes love birds by Chibivillecute 

Trophy Emote 2 by Mirz123

I. Place

:iconybsilon-stock: 200 Points + 3 stockpacks of choice from…    
 :iconevelivesey: 200 Points + 3 stockpacks
:iconcd-stock: 200 Points + Colorful Crystals by CD-STOCK Premium Stock by CD-STOCK + 2 stockpackages from…
from :iconmissgrib: 200 Points 
:iconkuschelirmel: 200 Points
 from :iconmom-espeace: 150 Points
:iconmalleni-stock: 50 Points
:iconmarphilhearts: an interview  
:iconwesley-souza: 1 exclusive-stock
:iconmoonchild-ljilja: 1 exclusive-stock
 :iconat-stock: Forest-stock-prem12 by At-Stock
:icontouchofartistry: 1 exclusive - stock
:iconnull-entity: 1 exclusive - stock
:iconlolita-artz: 1 exclusive premade background
:iconcelticstrm-stock: 1 exclusive-stock
:iconkuschelirmel-stock: 1 exclusive-stock
:iconlifesonebigadventure: Llama

Trophy Emote 2 by Mirz123

II. Place

:iconybsilon-stock: 150 Points + 2 stockpacks of choice…
     :iconevelivesey: 150 Points + 2 stockpacks
   :iconcd-stock: 150 Points + Colorful Crystals by CD-STOCK Premium Stock by CD-STOCK + 1 Stockpackage from…
:iconkuschelirmel: 150 Points
:iconmissgrib: 100 Points
 :iconmom-espeace: 100 Points 
:iconmalleni-stock: 50 Points
:iconmarphilhearts: an interview
:iconwesley-souza: 1 exclusive-stock
:iconmoonchild-ljilja: 1 exclusive-stock
:icontouchofartistry: 1 exclusive - stock
:iconnull-entity: 1 exclusive - stock
:iconlolita-artz: 1 exclusive premade background
:iconcelticstrm-stock: 1 exclusive-stock
:iconkuschelirmel-stock: 1 exclusive-stock
:iconlifesonebigadventure: Llama

Trophy Emote 2 by Mirz123

III. Place

 :iconybsilon-stock: 100 Points + 2 stockpack of choice…
:iconevelivesey: 100 Points+ 2 stockpacks
:iconcd-stock: 100 Points + Colorful Crystals by CD-STOCK Premium Stock by CD-STOCK
:iconkuschelirmel: 100 Points
:iconmissgrib: 50 Points
:iconmom-espeace: 50 Points 
:iconmalleni-stock: 50 Points
:iconmarphilhearts: an interview
:iconwesley-souza: 1 exclusive-stock
:iconmoonchild-ljilja: 1 exclusive-stock
:icontouchofartistry: 1 exclusive - stock
:iconnull-entity: 1 exclusive - stock
:iconlolita-artz: 1 exclusive premade background
:iconcelticstrm-stock: 1 exclusive-stock
:iconkuschelirmel-stock: 1 exclusive-stock
:iconlifesonebigadventure: Llama

 Daisy by MelodyRainbow654HONORABLE MENTIONS Daisy by MelodyRainbow654

:iconybsilon-stock: 2 stock-pack of choice from here:…
:iconevelivesey: 2 stock-pack 
:iconcd-stock: Surprise Stock
 :iconwesley-souza: 1 exclusive-stock
:iconcelticstrm-stock: 1 exclusive-stock
:iconlifesonebigadventure: Llama

For all a feature by:


Free Avatar: Spring LadyBug by lufflii


:iconevelivesey::iconcd-stock::iconybsilon-stock::iconperoni68::iconmissgrib::iconmom-espeace: and more

Please comment with your entry under this journal

All entries can be found here:…

Heart by Digithalie GOOD LUCK Heart by Digithalie

We are looking for more prizes, everything is so welcome. If you would like to donate, please post at this journal your prize or gift.

Loving Spring by a-kid-at-heart Loving Spring by a-kid-at-heart Loving Spring by a-kid-at-heart

“Spring is the ultimate genius of the existence and the utter ladder of the lovers ascending to the infinity".

M. M. ildan


YBsilon-Stock's Profile Picture
Hello my dear visitors,

you know me as YBsilon from my main account. :iconybsilon:

I collected a lot of photos in the past and I travel a lot. One of my cameras is always with me. On land I photograph with my SLR EOS 550D or my Canon G12 (broken and gone away) and now with Canon G 15, under water with Panasonic Lumix TZ10 and before this with the Olympus Mju Tough 8000. I decided to share some of my photos with you. All pictures are photographed by my own. I cut them out for you, so there are a lot of PNG-Files, it´s more easy for you to work with them and it calm me down after a long working day. And now (after 2 years it becames something like my brand :D) I prepare you also with textures and backgrounds. I hope you like them, they are helpful and you have a lot of fun. :squee:

I´m so curious at your works. :D :woohoo: Bunny Emoji-11 (Drum Roll) [V1] by Jerikuto Crazy Frog Psychedelic by Necronoise Warm Fuzzy 4 by Momma--G

In future I will upload some new stock, so don´t hesitate to visit my stock-account from time to time.

Stock Photographer by Wearwolfaa Ybsilon-Stock-stamp by YBsilon-Stock

For my rules please visit my journal.

Most of my works are uploaded with a preview of my photos. If you don´t see one, it´s because in my first uploaded stocks I haven´t done it (from time to time I did it and completed it, but it´s much work) or it´s why I make it myself from my stocks and it´s my little secret what are the basics of the stocks - but I declare, that they are all from my own photos, if not otherwise declared in the description of the stock)

...and I love the little llama :heart: :heart:

:iconmv1plz::iconmv2plz::iconmv3plz::iconmv4plz::iconmv5plz::iconmv6plz::iconmv7plz::iconmv8plz: Free Rainbow Fish by Zulma-san

:flagofgermany: by capncraka Footy by indigojelly :flagofgermany: by capncraka Footy by indigojelly :flagofgermany: by capncraka


YBsilon-Stock has started a donation pool!
270 / 1,000
If you like my stocks and use them, a little donation would be so much appreciated.

All donations are used for my and other contests. :woohoo:

Thank youuuuuuu :love: :D

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